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Celebrate a Loved one's Birthday in a BIG Way!

Yard cards are not exclusive to graduations; they are also very popular for birthdays in Houston, TX, Katy, TX, Cypress, TX and their surrounding areas.

Birthday yard cards have grown in popularity since the early 2000s and are a trendy way of showing appreciation to loved ones on their birthdays. They provide a unique and personal touch, with the ability to be fully customized to fit the recipient's preferences. This can include specific colors, messages, photos, and even balloons, making them a very personal and creative way of expressing love and appreciation.

The process of having a birthday yard card is relatively straightforward. After placing an order, the yard card is typically delivered and installed in the recipient's yard on the morning of their birthday. This ensures that when they step outside, they are greeted by a delightful surprise. Such yard cards often become the highlight of social media posts, sparking family photo sessions and creating memories that can last a lifetime.

The pandemic, which started in early 2020, boosted the popularity of yard cards as traditional celebrations became challenging. This sudden surge in demand was driven by the need for socially distanced ways of celebrating occasions like birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. Companies like Houston Area Yard Greetings and Sign Gypsies, which previously might have handled only a few yard signs daily, saw their business skyrocket. Not only birthdays, but yard signs also became popular for other occasions like marriage proposals, and schools began placing bulk orders to acknowledge graduating seniors.

In conclusion, while yard cards have been popular since the early 2000s, their significance became more pronounced during the pandemic, especially for birthdays. They provide a unique, personalized, and socially distant means of showing appreciation, love, and joy on a loved one's special day.

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